Your customers are in constant motion. Radio and Internet are the mediums that follows them throughout the day – from the bedside radio alarm in the morning to their computers at home and at work and even through drive-thru window on the way home from work. Radio and Online advertising is the most cost efficient and effective way of getting your message to all your potential customers in Indiana.



Network Indiana is the only true statewide medium. We are Indiana’s only news, talk and sports network providing you the ability to reach nearly all of Indiana through a single source. Network Indiana is where Hoosiers tune for compelling news and information, statewide sports talk programming, high school sports, Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts and much more.


Network Indiana can get your message to listeners in all 92 counties in Indiana and beyond at a fraction of what it costs to buy stations individually. With nearly 30% of the state’s population living outside the metropolitan areas, reaching your potential customers can be very difficult. Every week Network Indiana reaches nearly 1.6 million Hoosiers with great radio stations both in the metro areas as well as those hard to reach rural areas


It’s hard to truly define the rural lifestyler. Is it a hobby farmer who has moved out to the country to get away from it all?  Or perhaps it’s the successful small town businessman who prefers the tempo and pace of his hometown community?  Is it the farmer and his family who nourish the land for a living? Or is it the successful corporate executive who commutes daily to work at a great distance so he can return to his edge city abode for tranquility?

Well, it’s all of them.

We define the rural lifestyler by the land he or she owns. The preferred definition of the Rural lifestyler is a landowner of three (3) or more acres of land. This group is also known as Large Property Owners (LPO).

Is this a significant number of people?
Rural Lifestyles is a Large Market

  • 27,052,940 households
  • 69,126,313 est. rural lifestyle population
  • 51,600,097 18+ population
  • More than 1 in 4 HH in the US are not in a city or town.

For these important consumers, their property determines their interests, hobbies and how they use their disposable income. They may grow crops, raise livestock or  just escape to the wilderness for entertainment. They are the key buyers of power equipment and index extremely high in a number of consumer purchasing categories.

And they spend money.

Over 90% of them own a pick up or SUV.
Nearly 1/3 of them own an ATV or MUV.
87% of Rural Lifestlyers can name the radio stations they listen to.*
45 million 18+ rural lifestyle (88%)  adults are frequent radio listeners.*